Demystifying Assessment: 5 Student Affairs Assessment Myths

APRIL 25, 2023 | 3PM ET

Unlock your institution's potential.






Webinar Summary:

In many ways, the success of your Student Affairs department is dependent on assessment. Assessment data can guide decisions about programming, unlock strategies for reaching unengaged students, and determine how resources are allocated to serve students. So, we’re debunking the top myths that prevent student affairs professionals from leveraging assessment best practices and keep colleges & universities from boosting engagement.

Join Student Affairs Assessment expert Dr. Joseph Levy and Modern Campus’s Amy Sterling as we debunk 5 of the most common myths about student affairs assessment. Learn how you can make assessment more meaningful and manageable... and discover all the resources you can already use!

What we'll explore:

  • Five common myths about assessment & why they're so wrong
  • The role that assessment can play in your everyday work
  • How to reduce or eliminate common barriers to great assessment
  • How to identify and leverage assessment resources you already have


  • Dr. Joseph Levy, Associate Vice Provost of Accreditation and Quality Improvement, Excelsior University

  • Amy Sterling, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager (Host)


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