Signal Vine Competitive Advantage

NOV 17, 2022 | 2PM ET

Unlock your institution's potential.






Webinar Summary:

There are dozens of solutions for texting students but very few approach engaging with students as a personalized conversation, and because of that there is a lot of noise.  

Join conversational messaging experts, Charles Parsons and Meghan Hakey, as we explore what to consider when looking for solutions to engage with students through text messaging, build a strategic communication plan, and how to find the exact right fit for your institution. 


You will learn:

  • Tips & tricks for what to consider when exploring conversational messaging tools 
  • Best practices for finding the right fit for your institution’s needs 
  • How to build an evaluation plan with your team 


  • Charles Parsons, Vice President of Product (Signal Vine)
  • Meghan Hakey, Director of Field Engagement and Solutions Marketing

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