Expand Corporate Engagement and Contract Training


Deliver the Elevated Experience Employers Expect

High-Touch Service
High-Touch Service

Personalize engagement

Provide corporations and their employees with a high-touch, eCommerce-driven customer experience.

Ensure consistent branding

Allow corporations to tailor landing pages on your website with logos and color schemes that deliver seamlessness to their staff.

Relevant Offerings

Deliver tailored learning

Curate custom catalogs that meet each employer’s desired skills and help employees stay current.

Connect offerings to stackable credentials

Tie your corporate offerings to main campus programs to create paths for students to continue their education with you.


Manage nuanced operations effectively

Leverage powerful contract set-up and configuration tools to manage multiple customized learning programs serving thousands of learners.

Minimize staff burden

Simplify the management of complex corporate partnerships to allow staff to focus on relationship-building, program development and learner support.


Simplify Corporate Relationship Management

Managing corporate partnerships can be challenging for most institutions, especially when dealing with hundreds of partners, each with their own contract, catalog, payment terms, and high expectations for personalized service.

Destiny One provides a dedicated profile with demographic and contact information for each company or organization. It also lets staff set up enforceable contract terms with defined seat numbers, discounts, billing processes and more.  

Scale high-caliber service with rich company profiles that let staff track and manage the nuances of corporate partners’ accounts. You can:

  • Identify billing and marketing contacts, so staff can connect easily with the corporation
  • Assign an unlimited number of employees to corporate accounts
  • Automate billing, invoicing and discounting to enforce each contract
corproate parnterships


Create Custom Catalogs to Serve Unique Learning Needs

Corporations have specific learning objectives for employee learners. Providing personalized offerings for each corporation’s unique needs is a major differentiator. 

The Corporate Engagement Manager module lets you offer curated course and certificate catalogs that target specific learning objectives. Offerings can be set with specially negotiated contract pricing as well as limits on seats sold.

Then, reward students with badges. Learn how badges can help learners demonstrate skills outcomes.

Learn about Badges

Simplify Batch Enrollment with Self-Service Corporate Portals

Provide an elegant, streamlined experience. The Corporate Engagement Manager offers two different self-service portals—one for students and one for corporate learning leaders allowing you to deliver the specific front-end experience clients expect.

The Corporate Administrator Portal allows chief learning officers to bulk enroll employees into one or more courses or certificates at contract pricing. It also provides self-service tools to review financial transactions billed to that company and to pay down invoices.

The Corporate Learner Portal provides a white-labelled portal for employees to browse for courses and enroll with an e-Commerce-like shopping experience at contract prices.

Simplify Batch Enrollment with Self-Service Corporate Portals

Hear from three higher education leaders at universities across Canada and the United States.


Improve Employer Engagement

Hear from three higher education leaders at universities across Canada and the United States.



Why Corporate Customers Love Us

The functionality and the control that Destiny One provides to a corporate client is the high-end corporate experience that these clients expect.

Michelle FachDirector of Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph
Read about University of Guelph's story using Modern Campus Destiny One.



Stand Out in the Lucrative Corporate Training Marketplace

Capitalize on the opportunities the corporate education market presents with software that simplifies the experience for corporate learners and managers.

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