Retain Students Across a Lifetime


Serve Diverse Student Populations at Every Life Stage

Simplify Engagement
Personalize your website to ensure visitors receive the information they are looking for.

Personalize your site

Leverage rich personalizations to ensure that the website is delivering relevant materials and information to each visitor.

Eliminate lineups

Give learners a 24/7 mobile-friendly self-service portal to complete administrative tasks like paying fees, checking course calendars, printing transcripts, and adding/dropping courses.

Enhance customer service

Offer exceptional service by empowering staff to answer learner inquiries efficiently and accurately.

Allow students to track their progress toward a certificate.

Deliver transparency

Let learners track certificate progress online, and give them badges to recognize their achievements and keep them engaged.

Activate engagement

Leverage automations to encourage students to enroll in related offerings and complete credentials, keeping them coming back for more.

Create stackability

Create complex program models that blend credit and non-credit, badges and certificates, and support personalized pathways to degrees.

Offer K-12 programming, arts classes, and more with Destiny One.

Offer K-12 programming

Leverage summer camps, dual-enrollment courses, enrichment programs, arts courses and more to get students on campus early.

Improve degree education

Ensure students have visibility into the full array of degree programs and courses available to them, and can see their career outcomes easily.

Serve the corporate market

Deliver high-quality and relevant customized training programming to serve working professionals and the organizations they work for.

Learners Leave a School after 3 Bad Administrative Experiences

Create an engaging environment that supports students for life.

Rapidly Route Requests

Customer service workflows are carefully configured based on each staff member’s role. This way, whenever a student has an inquiry or needs staff attention, the system can automatically route the request to the right person, so the learner can get the information they need right away and staff don’t have to waste time with back-and-forth.

Provide a Rich Profile

You can give staff access to the right contextual information to allow them to engage with learners and answer inquiries with a full history of all enrollments, payments, communications and preferences. This way, students don’t have to repeat their whole story to get the answer or information they need.

Make ROI Obvious

Modern students need to see the impact their education investment is going to have on their lives. Make it obvious by embedding labor market data directly into your program landing pages, so students have immediate visibility into the short- and long-term opportunities your courses, certificates, certifications and degrees will open up.

Extend Your Modern Campus Capabilities


  • Badges
  • International & Specialty Programs
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Proctor Exam Scheduling
  • Dashboards
  • Language Packs
  • Youth Camps

Explore Destiny One modules

  • Omni CMS Search
  • Omni CMS Insights
  • Omni CMS Email Campaign Manager
  • Omni CMS Course Catalog
  • Omni CMS Faculty Directory
  • Omni CMS Blogs
  • Omni CMS Emergency Alerts
  • Omni CMS Calendar
  • Omni CMS Mashup
  • Campus Maps & Virtual Tours

Explore Omni CMS modules

Help students achieve their career objectives.



Clear Pathways to Great Careers

Take guesswork off the table for your students. With Modern Campus Pathways, you can help students pick the courses and programs they need to achieve their career objectives.

  • Display real-time labor market data on landing pages
  • Open students’ eyes to career paths they hadn’t considered
  • Make it quick and easy for learners to calculate education ROI


Help Learners Achieve Their Goals

Success motivates everyone, and it’s important to give learners clear ways to mark achievement with relevant and accessible credentials.

Modern Campus not only makes it easy to offer badges and other microcredentials for completion, it also makes it easy for you to design stackable programming that keeps students coming back.

What’s more, if a student completes a course—or a series of courses—that count toward a credential, the system can automatically reach out to them to encourage attainment.

Help Learners Achieve Their Goals


Make Life Easier for Parents


Make Life Easier for Parents

When you’re running programs for youth, the experience you offer parents is as important as the one you offer students.

Leverage the Family Portal to simplify registration and enrollment management for parents, allowing them to register multiple students from a single login.

Learn more about Portals

I’m often registering my children for events online. I’ll likely drop it If I have to call a number or mail in a form. If a system allows me to register conveniently, intuitively—and without a screen that tells me I need to call the office—I’m much more likely to use the service.

Mark MrozinskiVice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education, Harper College
Learn how Harper College transformed the parent experience with family registrations.


Make It Easy for Students to Find What’s Right

A higher education institution is a complex environment with a wide array of programs, services and opportunities. But just because the campus is complicated doesn’t mean the website should be!

Leverage rich search functionalities, simplified web management processes, SEO optimization and deep personalization to help students land on the website and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Central Oregon Community College uses Modern Campus Omni CMS Search.



Our Customers Love Us

People come in and take a few courses without realizing they were on-track for a certificate. But with Destiny One, we can send out emails encouraging students to take the last few courses they need to complete their program. Things like that have been really helpful.

Saira CooperDirector of Digital Learning, IT & Operations at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Rice University
Learn how Rice University is leveraging Destiny One for certificates.



Retain Learners for a Lifetime by Putting Their Needs First

Modern higher ed isn’t about a two- or four-year engagement. It’s about making lifelong learning possible. And the Modern Campus Student Engagement Platform is designed to deliver just that.

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