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Think: “students first”

Eliminate the campus runaround with a 24/7, mobile-friendly digital registrar that allows students to manage the business of college on their own terms.

Treat students like valued customers

Empower staff to address questions quickly and thoroughly with automated workflows and data-rich student profiles.

Create cutting-edge courses

Anticipate workforce and student needs by decreasing time to market for new courses with automated approval pathways unbound from semester constraints.


Put a badge on it

Keep students engaged by awarding shareable badges for significant milestones. (Badges shared on social media have helped some institutions boost program page traffic 15 times.)

Personalize content

Display individualized information about enrollment, deadlines, programs and more to drive next steps.

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Leverage your brand

Harness your brand capital by incorporating brand elements on receipts, the student portal, your website and through email marketing—anywhere students engage with your school.


Save money

Streamline administrative tasks and cut licensing fees by decommissioning shadow systems.

Provide divisional autonomy

Efficiently run multiple schools, divisions or departments on a single platform  (Destiny One) without compromising departmental branding or autonomy.

Modernize check out

Deliver a shopping cart checkout experience with automatic cart recovery to remind students of abandoned items.

Grow programs

Use our data visualization dashboards to take advantage of market opportunities in real time.

Using Destiny One, we got the program (COVID-19 training) up and running in a day and began generating enrollments—not just from people in Hawaii but people all over the country. Within a week, several thousand people had taken it.

William ChismarDean of Outreach College, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Modern Campus Platform

Learn about Modern Campus Pathways

Drive Career Outcomes

Modern Campus Career Pathways

Modern learners are focused on career outcomes. A student-first institution helps them find the way! Career Pathways brings labor-market data to the forefront so students can make informed choices.

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Extend Your Modern Campus Capabilities


Extend Your Destiny One Capabilities

  • Badges
  • International & Specialty Programs
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Proctor & Exam Scheduling
  • Dashboards
  • Language Packs
  • Youth Camps

Explore Destiny One modules

Extend Your Omni CMS Capabilities

  • Omni CMS Search
  • Omni CMS Insights
  • Omni CMS Email Campaign Manager
  • Omni CMS Course Catalog
  • Omni CMS Faculty Directory
  • Omni CMS Blogs
  • Omni CMS Emergency Alerts
  • Omni CMS Calendar
  • Omni CMS Mashup
  • Campus Maps & Virtual Tours

Explore Omni CMS modules


Extra Credit


$18.7 Million

New client revenue captured from shopping cart recovery



Uptime guarantee



Average revenue increase among Destiny One customers from automated abandoned shopping cart recovery features

University of California Berkeley Extension is a Modern Campus customer.

The systems that we were using before were very compartmentalized and departmentalized, so they wouldn’t speak to each other. Destiny One is more cohesive—more of a Swiss Army knife that all of Extension can use. Additionally, the system’s different parts speak to each other within the SLM, making collaboration much easier."

Patty Maciel | Business Analyst in Extension - University of California Berkeley


Decommissioned systems


Revenue increase in international business with adoption of Destiny One’s International and Specialty Program modules

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Make Yours a Modern University

Why retain a student for four years when you can support them for life?
Integrate professional development and lifelong learning throughout your curriculum to prepare you students—and school—for successful futures.

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