Delivering an Infrastructure to Support Workforce Education and Training

Executive Summary

Community and technical colleges play an essential role in bridging local skills gaps and supporting the social and economic growth of their communities. These mission-driven institutions operate in extremely competitive environments and it’s essential to find ways to stand out from the noise.

To that end, and in collaboration with existing community and technical college partners in both the United States and Canada, Modern Campus is launching an optimized version of their industry-leading student lifecycle management platform Destiny One specifically for these institutions. 

The Destiny One Workforce and Community Solution (WCS) is tailored to meet the needs of community colleges with best practices, pre-populated data, and implementation processes designed specifically for this industry.

The Critical Role of Community and Technical Colleges

Community and technical colleges across North America play a central role in creating pathways to sustainable employment for individuals in their communities, and building a workforce that grows their regions into economic powerhouses. But they face some central challenges to delivering that vision. 

To compete with new entrants in the skills training sector—including private providers, coding bootcamps and even universities—community colleges need to bring the same quality that goes into their program design to their administrative culture. College leaders need to create the necessary infrastructure that accelerates program launches. They need to deliver a customer experience that allows learners to progress intuitively through their enrollment process. They need to offer employers a simplified administrative experience that encourages their long-term engagement with the college. 

These traits are central to a college that stands out to its prospects and serves its key stakeholders well. 

“We know about 75 percent of our students are first-generation college students, we know our students are economically disadvantaged, we know there’s diversity in our population and in their family backgrounds,” said Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor of San Jacinto College. “What you see in our organization is a commitment to work with these students to help them succeed.” 

How Destiny One Optimizes the Growth of Non-Traditional Divisions

Destiny One, the student lifecycle management (SLM) software platform from Modern Campus, addresses all these issues and allows those that serve non-traditional learners to deliver the experience their stakeholders expect. Made specifically for higher education administrators serving non-traditional students, Destiny One allows colleges to deliver education across the modern lifelong learning lifecycle, supporting revenue and enrollment growth through an eCommerce-enhanced customer experience. In addition, Destiny One secures sensitive data, and delivers the agility needed for today’s institutions to be competitive. 

Automated workflows accelerate the program approval process and minimize drop-off, speeding up the time-to-market for new offerings and the update cycle for existing ones. The registration experience, which is designed around eCommerce best-practices, transforms divisional websites into enrollment engines. And with the industry-leading Corporate Engagement Manager module, employers can batch enroll their employees, access receipts and select offerings for customized catalogs that take specialized pricing into account. 

Our clients, particularly those on the marine industry side, want a very simple way to reach us. Destiny One will make registration quicker and easier for our corporate clients.

Geoff WilmshurstVice President of Partnerships, Camosun College

Why We’re Launching Destiny One Workforce and Community

Destiny One allows colleges to deliver the kind of elite experience needed to keep pace with the realities of a fast-changing industry. 

With numerous community colleges already in its partner ranks, Modern Campus has further optimized Destiny One to drive the growth and transformation of community and technical colleges across North America.  

“An important factor for us was Modern Campus's experience with community colleges,” said Bob Peterson, President and CEO of the Corporate College at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).  

“Some of the other products on the market were being offered by vendors who were just breaking into the community college market,” Peterson continued. “We didn’t want to be a guinea pig.”  

After collaborating with our many partners in the space, we found ways to make the software adhere to best practices in an affordable way, to simplify the implementation process, and to reduce the strain on college staff to get the product up and running. 

Therefore, Modern Campus is launching a version of the industry-leading Destiny One SLM tailored specifically to support mission-driven community and technical colleges. Designed with leaders of Destiny’s community college clients, the Destiny One Workforce and Community Solution (WCS) makes our industry-leading student lifecycle management software accessible to colleges of all sizes and budgets. And the impact of the software is already clear in this space.

In less than six months, we have seen an increase in the number of students registering online using Destiny one. In the meantime, our online registrations have grown 52 percent over the same period the previous year.

Bob PetersonPresident and CEO of Corporatte College, Tri-C

Overall at Tri-C, within six months of implementing Destiny One they grew their non-credit enrollments by 16% across the board. 

Here’s how Destiny One WCS has been optimized to meet your needs: 

  • Providing Best Practices and Pre-Populated Data 
  • Making Destiny One WCS More Affordable 
  • Accelerating the Implementation Process  

Designed for You: Providing Best Practices and Pre-Populated Data

Over the course of many engagements with community colleges, we recognized that the Destiny One product could be optimized and designed specifically to do business in this unique and fast-paced sector. The Destiny One product is robust and wide-ranging—allowing for a huge amount of flexibility and individualization from college to college. Working with our community college clients, we identified similarities in some of the foundational aspects of how the system was being set up by community and technical college partners. 

Destiny One WCS is delivered pre-configured with best practices and selected, pre-loaded data to deliver a superior student experience, operational efficiency, and ease of implementation. Destiny One WCS has been optimized for community and technical colleges, in three key areas: 

  • Pre-Configured Best Practices: Destiny One WCS is pre-configured to align with the operational best practices of leading community and technical colleges. With business rules standardized to those of industry leaders, colleges of all sizes can stand out against their competitors and present their unique program offerings to a wider audience. Additionally, the configuration approach means that Destiny One WCS supports the efficiency of internal staff—allowing them to focus on true value-added activities rather than more manual processes—and accelerates the time to launch for the new system.  
  • Common Data Population: Destiny One WCS is delivered with a back-end database pre-populated with common information and content community and technical colleges desire. This means information like credential types, drop reasons, tuition price override reasons, section offerings, course modalities and more—options that generally lay the foundation for the use of the software—will be pre-populated for immediate use. As such, staff will be able to spend their time and energy on work that’s specific and unique to their particular college.
  • Simplified Admin Menus and Data Entry: Destiny One WCS has both a simplified administrative menu structure and redesigned forms promoting rapid data entry needs of community colleges. Many of the menu options available in the core Destiny One product have been hidden to simplify setup and new user training. As staff become more familiar with the platform, system administrators are free to enable new menu options and unlock additional features using self-service configuration tools. The course and section profile data entry forms—two of the longest forms in the Destiny One product—have also been redesigned to allow staff to focus on essential information at a glance, with the ability to drill down deeper if and as needed. 

Building Your Potential: Packaging Destiny One WCS to Support Your Business

We understand the critical mission colleges play in their communities and so we packaged Destiny One WCS specifically to help these institutions achieve their goals with minimal roadblocks.

  • Building In Corporate Engagement Manager: To start, the Corporate Engagement Manager—typically an add-on module—has been incorporated into the core product. This means colleges who make Destiny One WCS part of their back-end infrastructure will immediately have access to this tool designed specifically to build lasting relationships with employers.
  • Making Modules Accessible: What’s more, Modern Campus’ other modules—including Conference Manager, Badging and Dashboards—are available to Destiny One WCS clients at package rates. These modules increase the capacity for community and technical colleges to serve more diverse audiences.

  • Increasing Ties with Main Campus: Destiny One WCS also includes reduced pricing for our suite of connectors, like the Ellucian Banner Connector powered by Axiom Elite. These allow workforce development and community engagement divisions of community colleges to create those essential integrations between their environment and the main campus SIS or ERP system.

“That was a particular advantage that Destiny One had over the competition: Destiny could communicate with Banner, and the competition could not,” said Peterson, from Tri-C. “If Destiny One didn’t integrate with Banner, it would have effectively created a two-step process where student registration and financial information would not automatically migrate into Banner. It would have to be downloaded and then uploaded. With that, you always have the possibility for errors. It’s not as efficient a process.”

Getting You Live: Accelerating the Implementation Process

Recognizing the importance of a fast and efficient implementation, with minimum institutional resource involvement required, Destiny One WCS allows colleges to choose from two specific services offerings designed to accelerate and simplify the implementation process while also leveraging the power of the solution.   

  • Agile Implementation: For institutions who are resource constrained and want the fastest implementation possible, the Destiny Professional Services Team recommends their Agile Implementation package.   

    With this approach, the Destiny Professional Services team leads the project and leverages their years of experience and best practices from a wide variety of Destiny One community college implementations in order to minimize project risks. The Destiny team takes the lead role on training, set-up, configuration and Go-Live planning, and provides support for project management and business analysis. 
  • Facilitated Implementation: For institutions with available business and IT resources, and with more experience with ERP implementations, the Professional Services Team offers a Facilitated Implementation Services Pack that provides colleges more direct resource involvement in their implementation.  

    In this instance, the Destiny team provides guidance and subject matter experience to support training, set-up, configuration and Go-Live planning, project management and business analysis. Additionally, by leveraging best practices and Modern Campus subject matter expertise, project scope and duration are minimized, project risks are mitigated, and client resource involvement is kept to a minimum. 

Saving You Money and Growing Your Division   

Community and technical colleges play an absolutely essential role in their communities, creating pathways to stable careers for their neighbors and supporting regional economic growth. Modern Campus is committed to helping leaders of these institutions achieve their missions. 

With the delivery of Destiny One WCS, all community colleges can now access the same software platform that has accelerated the growth of some of North America’s most successful and fast-growing continuing and workforce education divisions.  

“By moving to the modern Destiny One system, we’re going to be able to free up our staff to focus on other things such as client interfacing and business development,” said Geoff Wilmshurst, Vice President of Partnerships at Camosun College. “It feels like we’re moving from the horse and buggy to high-speed trains.” 


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