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Because we empower you to engage modern learners for life. (And we speak higher ed. Fluently.)

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Meet the Modern Learner

Modern students face a constantly changing job market and lifelong reinvention—and the traditional model of higher education isn’t cutting it.


Traditional learners in higher education had career longevity and retired at 65.There has been a massive shift to engage learners in higher education.Modern learners in higher education have 60+ year careers and change jobs every 3 years.


Unlock the Potential of Lifelong Learning

UNCSA is a Modern Campus customer.

Put students first 

Ensure every touchpoint a learner has with your institution helps cement a lifelong relationship.

Create student-friendly administration

Implement back-end processes, workflows and automations that prioritize the student experience.

Give them the website they deserve

Engage students—and improve your institutional image—with the modern website they expect.

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Deliver personalize content to known visitors on your website with Personalization by Modern Campus.

Offer massive personalization

Transform the student experience at every life stage with massive personalization.

Streamline one-to-one digital engagement

Feed relevant offerings and services to the right students at the right time so they know your institution is right for them.

Make student success personal

Deliver personalized enrollment and program information to help each student reach their goals.

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Univeristy of New Mexico is a Modern Campus customer.

Clear pathways to success

Remove barriers to success with best-practices tools for students and staff.

Ensure a frictionless digital environment

Simplify registration processes to transform your website into an enrollment engine.

Fulfill Student Expectations

Deliver the modern, seamless customer experience today’s students expect.

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Harper College is a Modern Campus customer.

Treat all students like lifelong learners

Connect the dots between traditional and nontraditional/continuing ed through personalized website offerings delivered to students, whether they’re undergraduates, grads, certificate students or want to take that bucket-list watercolor class.

Engage students for life

Cultivate students as passionate customers, lifelong learners and fulfilled human beings with higher education’s first cloud-based, end-to-end student engagement platform designed to foster relationships for life.

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Tackle your biggest challenges

We’re looking to topple the ivory tower.

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Modern Campus higher education customers



Modern Campus higher education users



the number of cloud-based systems built for higher education

The Class of 2040

Do students in the class of ’40 need philosophy degrees?

Maybe. But they also need continuous learning to keep pace with a job market changing at the speed of technology. 

Reimagine your school. Imagine if you could help students keep pace from ages 8 to 80? What if you digitally engaged them so profoundly that you became their de facto choice—for life?

Keep students for life

The thought leaders at Modern Campus aren’t just slinging code; we’re disrupting a thousand-year-old academic paradigm with tools to help you present the right program at the right time—whether a student needs a skills refresh or a Ph.D. 

Youth camps and dual enrollment. Associate and baccalaureate degrees. Grad certificates and degrees for career changers. Reskilling. Retirement enrichment. Modern Campus can help you serve one student throughout a lifetime of educational needs.

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Intro to Modern Campus



Trine University is a Modern Campus customer.

Having a CMS puts us in control of our brand, saves us time and empowers our employees to take ownership and make changes to their pages when they want to—without waiting to funnel them through to someone else. I love Omni CMS!"

Deborah Richard | Director of Digital Marketing - Trine University

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Montgomery County Community College is a Modern Campus customer.

A ton of community colleges use Omni CMS, and the fact that Modern Campus is focused exclusively on higher ed sold us. We have worked with big firms in the past and didn’t feel that they understood how a community college really works. Plus, we heard the same thing over and over: Modern Campus has the best customer support in the industry. It really pushed them to the top."

Angela Cavaliere | Web Administrator - Montgomery County Community College

Rice University is a Modern Campus customer.

Destiny One has made it easy for people who aren’t tech savvy to engage with us."

Saira Cooper | Director of Digital Learning, IT & Operations in the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies - Rice University

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