Modern Campus Extends Capabilities to Address Student Concerns About Higher Ed ROI

Modern Campus Career Pathways integration with Modern Campus Acalog seamlessly delivers career information to learners at their point of need


TORONTO – May 11, 2022 – Modern Campus, the higher education industry’s leading modern learner engagement platform, today announced the integration of Modern Campus Career Pathways with Modern Campus Acalog, enabling colleges and universities to tie education to career outcomes and demonstrate the value of their courses and programs directly in their academic catalog.  

Student debt is at an all-time high and so are the number of job applicants for high-paying job openings. With tuition costing more than ever, today’s learners make enrollment decisions based on the expected ROI of their education investment, and 64% of Americans are skeptical that additional education will help secure a job. With 58% of students enrolling in higher education primarily for career outcomes, the ability for institutions to offer students insight into the career opportunities associated with their course choices delivers exceptional value.  

The integration of Acalog and Career Pathways enables higher education institutions to showcase job market data for relevant careers by displaying relevant labor market data—including salary, job postings and projected growth—on course, program or certificate pages. Career Pathways also allows students to take action at the click of a button by encouraging them to enroll or meet with an advisor.  

“Making Modern Campus Career Pathways available in Acalog is critical to the success of our higher ed partners,” said Reuben Pressman, chief product officer at Modern Campus. “Building tight, thoughtful integrations between the solutions across our product family—like we have with Career Pathways and Acalog—ensures our customers are positioned to deliver the best experience possible to the learners they serve.” 

The combination of Acalog and Career Pathways empowers students to learn about salaries, job postings, or career trajectories right from the college website—allowing them to quickly make informed decisions about their education. For schools, Career Pathways is easy to configure and embed on pages without the need for IT support.  

“Learners today have more choices than ever about where they’re going to spend tuition dollars. To guide that decision-making, they’re looking for clear information about the impact any education investment will have on their career path,” said Peter DeVries, president and chief operations officer at Modern Campus. “At Modern Campus, we’re designing solutions that enable our customers to deliver personalized and informed student experiences. At the same time, we’re making it easier for staff—who are often stretched thin—to bring these modern experiences to life.” 

Modern Campus Career Pathways also integrates with Modern Campus’ market-leading solutions Omni CMS, the purpose-built, web CMS for higher education, and Destiny One, which enables higher ed institutions to grow and manage the business of continuing education and workforce development. These integrations provide Career and Program Explorer, a powerful search tool for learners to research specific careers, and Persona Guides, which allow prospects to choose one of the common personas or objectives, to guide their educational or career directions. 

About Modern Campus  
Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its 1,800+ higher education customers to thrive when radical transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt, and administrative complexity. 

The Modern Campus engagement platform powers solutions for non-traditional student management, web content management, catalog and curriculum management, student engagement and development, conversational text messaging, career pathways, and campus maps and virtual tours. The result: innovative institutions can create a learner-to-earner lifecycle that engages modern learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency. 

Learn how Modern Campus is leading the modern learner engagement movement at and follow us on LinkedIn. 

Last updated: May 11, 2022

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