Modern Campus Announces Availability of Personalization by Modern Campus and Modern Campus Pathways


New Capabilities Enable Colleges and Universities to Increase Engagement and Retention by Helping Modern Learners View the School as ‘Right for Me’


TORONTO – May 20, 2021 – Modern Campus, the industry’s leading modern learner engagement platform, today announced the launch and general availability of Personalization by Modern Campus for Omni CMS and Modern Campus Pathways for Omni CMS and Destiny One. 
Today’s learner is looking for a postsecondary experience that aligns with their interests and puts them on a pathway to a great career. Six out of ten students say that, of all companies they engage with online, their college is the furthest behind in personalizing their experience, and 74% of internet users say they get frustrated when content isn’t relevant to their interests. What’s more, the modern learner closely aligns the value of their education investment with their career pathway. In a survey of alumni, 72% of graduates felt it was worthwhile taking out student loans when their institution provided high-quality career support. Even though 58% of students enroll in degree programs to achieve career outcomes, 41% of bachelor’s degree holders are under-employed in their first job out of school. 
“Modern learners are first and foremost consumers, and are used to highly personalized digital experiences. At the same time, they are keenly aware of rising tuition costs, and want to know how their investment in education will pay off in terms of career opportunities. Higher education institutions that help modern learners view the school as ‘right for me’ are more likely to successfully attract, engage and retain them,” said Peter DeVries, president and chief operating officer, Modern Campus. “The innovation behind Personalization by Modern Campus and Modern Campus Pathways is a direct result of our obsession with customer success. I’m thrilled that with these enhancements we’re enabling our customers’ innovation with tools to help them meet—and even exceed—the needs of modern learners.”  
Personalization by Modern Campus 
Personalization by Modern Campus enables higher education institutions to deliver “right for me” content to attract and engage students. Colleges and universities can create highly personalized digital experiences to support a number of use cases, for example:

  • Displaying information related to a specific program based on a prospective student’s prior visitor behavior;
  • Creating urgency by displaying an upcoming enrollment deadline for a prospective student’s program of interest;
  • Forwarding website visitors to the relevant in state, near state or out of state tuition pages for their program based on their geolocation;
  • Presenting a call-to-action for a freshman to join a club after multiple visits to its webpage; and
  • Suggesting a continuing education program or micro-credential opportunity based on an alumnus’s location and interests.

Personalization by Modern Campus is included at no charge to customers of Omni CMS. 
Modern Campus Pathways 
Modern Campus Pathways enables higher education institutions to provide prospective students with real-time career and program information to inform their education and career ROI goals. Colleges and universities can drive engagement and enrollment growth by providing relevant labor market information, including:

  • Delivering a powerful search feature that allows prospective students to search by program or career title to learn what the school offers and compare programs and careers by cost, completion time and median salary for each educational pathway;
  • Displaying up-to-date career market information including salary, job postings and projected growth on a program’s landing page; and
  • Posting job-market information personalized to the prospective student’s geographic location.

Modern Campus Pathways is available as an add-on module for Omni CMS and Destiny One. 
About Modern Campus 
Modern Campus, the innovator driving Omni CMS and Destiny One, empowers higher education institutions to thrive when radical change is required to successfully respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt and even school closures.  
Powered by the industry’s leading “student first” modern learner engagement platform, presidents and provosts can create pathways for lifelong learning, while marketing and IT leaders can deliver Amazon-like personalization and instant fulfillment. Award-winning products and average annual revenue growth of 19% for its 550+ higher education customers have earned Modern Campus a 98% retention rate and a reputation for customer obsession.  
Learn how Modern Campus is leading the modern learner engagement movement at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Last updated: May 20, 2021

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