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3 Ways Texting Transforms Non-Traditional Learner Engagement

The higher education space is transforming rapidly. New demographics of learners are seeking new kinds of programming that allow greater flexibility and freedom than ever before. 

To that end, continuing, workforce, professional and online education divisions are playing a larger role than ever. Most respondents to our recent State of Continuing Education survey said their unit’s role has expanded since 2019. 

For CE divisions, that expanded role — coupled with growing enrollments — presents a challenge of scale. It’s great that more students are registering, but CE is known for delivering high-quality, personalized learner experiences. 

Preparing to Communicate with Ever-More Learners 

For modern CE divisions, finding ways to leverage SMS text messaging to communicate is becoming a priority. After all, while 65% of emails get ignored, SMS open rates can be as high as 98%, with 90% of SMS messages being opened inside 3 minutes. 

Modern Campus has a solution suite that streamlines operations and enhances the learner experience for CE divisions, as well as a product that allows any higher ed division to design and send personalized SMS communications at scale 

And so, in 2022, Modern Campus launched a Connector designed to merge these capabilities, bringing SMS text messaging to CE! 

Here are three key benefits Modern Campus customers see when bringing our CE and SMS solutions together: 

1. Nudge Students to Progress Toward Course Completion 

Since CE programming is non-credit, it’s common for learners to take all the coursework they need but not complete a final assessment or project that will support their credential attainment. 

With Modern Campus Signal Vine, CE leaders can automatically build a list from their management system of students who have not yet completed coursework or assessments and nudge those students — through a campaign or individually — to complete those final pieces. 

2. Suggest Relevant Programming to Drive Enrollment Numbers 

Many CE students enroll in specific courses to meet a just-in-time learning need but don’t intend to continue toward a credential. But that’s a missed opportunity; completing a credential can have a significant impact on each learner’s earning potential. 

For CE staff, encouraging students to progress from a single course registration toward earning a certificate can be extremely time consuming.  

Fortunately, by integrating Modern Campus Signal Vine into the Modern Campus Continuing Education suite, staff can simply text the right learners about upcoming program offerings and let learners how close they are to that next credential. 

3. Simplify Communication for Busy Learners 

It can be difficult for CE students to know who to call when they have a question. In some cases, calling the central institutional switchboard with questions about a CE offering can lead to confusion for students and staff — who focus on traditional credit programming — alike.   

But by integrating Modern Campus Signal Vine into the Modern Campus Continuing Education suite, learners can seamlessly communicate with CE staff and advisors by text. 

What’s more, inbound messages go through an automated triage process. Frequently asked questions can be replied to by the system with pre-defined messages, while more unique requests can be filtered through to staff. 

That means staff get their time and energy back to focus on more challenging issues. 

A Pathway Forward 

Today’s CE units have a great deal of responsibility, and their learners carry massive expectations. Meeting those expectations — and exceeding them — requires modernizing the infrastructure that the business is built upon. 

Introducing adaptive SMS text messaging is a key step for delivering the student-centric communication today’s learners expect. 


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Last updated: September 29, 2022


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