Leader's reflect on the impact Destiny One has had on operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Four Ways Destiny One Secures Your Bottom Line


Continuing Education staff need to move smoothly through operational processes if they’re expected to do the division-growing work that’s expected of them. But it can be difficult to grow when divisional resources are spent supporting out-of-date systems that take more than they give.

In a recent webcast, leaders from four schools explained how their use of Destiny One—the only software made for non-degree education—has eliminated operational inefficiencies and maximized the value of their software investment.

1. Destiny One eliminates operational bottlenecks

Scott Cashman, Manager of Continuing Education at Harper College, said Destiny One allows Harper to move quickly through normally lengthy program development processes.

“We can get a section built and out to the public for registration in the same day now,” Cashman said. “It’s cut months off time.”

Sallie-Kay Janes, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Continuing and Professional Development at San Jacinto College, said administrators are gaining back time since partnering with Destiny.

“We cut 40% of our time within the class production process,” Janes said.

2. Destiny One delivers efficiencies that improve the student experience

Destiny One lets CalArts Extended Studies offer learners the high-touch, low-effort experience they expect.

“Destiny gives us access to their student profile, which lets us resolve issues quickly,” said Lisa Barr, Director of Project Development in the Office of Global Initiatives and Extended Studies at CalArts. “It gives us access to demographic data, so if classes are done using Zoom, we can recommend times for calls to the instructors.”

UC Berkeley Extension can now take their hands off the wheel for many processes, freeing them to deal with more pressing student concerns.

“We reduced staff manual intervention for enrollment changes by over 90%,” said Robin Sease, Senior Business Analyst at UC Berkeley Extension. “Certificate returns went from taking six weeks to just one.”

3. Destiny One improves ROI and cost savings by reducing reliance on shadow systems

Destiny One gives non-degree divisions control of their back end. Sease at UC Berkeley Extension said the school cut out many administrative redundancies after implementation.

“We were able to let go of 100 different systems,” Sease said. “We’ve reduced them to 12.”

San Jacinto College experienced similar growth, according to Janes.

“Destiny connects with Banner seamlessly, and ROI is up 30% at each office, which lets us do other things.”

4. Destiny One supports divisional agility and growth

Partnering with Destiny positions divisions to respond quickly to an unpredictable market while expanding the institution. Barr at CalArts Extended Studies is enjoying unprecedented growth in online enrollments after implementing Destiny.

“We were up 68% from last year, and 136% up over last fall,” Barr said.

Sease said Destiny’s International and Specialty Program Management (ISPM) Module is helping put UC Berkeley Extension on the map globally.

“We used Destiny’s ISPM to put our applications online,” Sease said. “We’ve increased our international business from $1 million to $1.5 million.”


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Last updated: February 1, 2021


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