Leaders from eCornell, Ryerson University, and Rice University describe the impact Destiny One has had on the bottom line.

Four Ways Destiny One Supports Your Revenue and Enrollment Growth


Continuing Education divisions are responsible for driving an institution’s revenue with non-traditional, non-credit programming. But most non-degree program providers are forced to work with tools designed for (or slightly adapted from) main campus management.

Inefficient systems and processes are often barriers to the division-expanding growth that CE is responsible for.

In a recent webcast, leaders from three schools discussed how implementing Destiny One—the only software tailored for non-degree education—has significantly boosted enrollment and revenue figures.

1. Destiny One improves marketing conversion rates, turning site visitors into registrants.

Cornell University’s eCornell uses Destiny One to mount offerings quickly.

“Destiny One feeds our marketing department what it needs to stand up enrollment pages that loop into our digital marketing in a turnkey way,” said John Hall, Vice President for Program Delivery at eCornell.

Saira Cooper, Director of Digital Learning, IT & Operations at Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University, said Destiny One’s integration with marketing automations moves learners smoothly through discovery to registration.

“The integration between Destiny One and our marketing automation system created a smooth process, taking students from their first connection point through to our registration system, and vice versa.”

2. Destiny One provides the Amazon-like checkout experience that non-traditional students expect.

Through Destiny One, learners move through checkout processes that mirror e-commerce best practices. They interact with a digital shopping cart, forms that remember their payment information and other Amazon-like features that limit student drop-off.

“Students who do drop off before completing their registration get a notification, and our enrollment counselors can reach them and reverse that attrition,” Hall said, noting how Destiny automatically sends an email to students who abandon their digital cart before completing their transaction.

3. Destiny One helps institutions expand into new markets and demographics.

At eCornell, Destiny One facilitated divisional expansion by automating tedious tasks with no effort from the learner or support staff. Hall said the software’s “seamless” integration means eCornell can now “think big” to scale its reach.

“Overnight, we had 20,000 students sign up through the Destiny One platform,” Hall said. “We were able to enroll them through the portal using Destiny One, and into the LMS in a seamless fashion—it was fantastic.”

4. Destiny One grows revenue and enrollment numbers.

Since implementing Destiny One in 2019, the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University is exceeding enrollment expectations.

“Using Destiny One in the 2020 spring-summer term, we experienced a total enrollment growth of 10%,” said Fred Anger, Executive Director of Financial Planning and Strategy.

Anger attributed the school’s growth to the improved experience Destiny One offers. “Our CE enrollment is driving our growth. The Destiny product puts us up over 17% in enrollments.”

Hall at eCornell said using Destiny One is helping increase the division’s revenue more every year.

“Since 2017, we’ve had substantial year over year growth.”


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Last updated: February 1, 2021


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