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3 Signs That Your Corporate Learning Engine Needs Tweaking

Corporate learning partnerships are a sustainable and effective lever for continuing, professional and workforce education divisions looking to grow revenue and serve the community. 

But the corporate education market is highly competitive, and brand alone isn’t enough to help you stand out—especially with so many online options available.  

Here are 3 signals that you should look to enhance your corporate education engine: 


 1. You Don’t Allow Batch Enrollment Processing

Corporate Learning Officers are incredibly busy and will often be looking to certify their entire labor force. For some companies, that will mean 10-15 people. For others, it will be 1000-1500. 

 That translates to a massive amount of revenue and engagement for your division… but without batch enrollment processes, it can also mean a massive administrative headache. 

Some divisions are happy to leave that responsibility to their client, asking them to enroll each staff member manually. That translates to an exceptionally poor customer experience. 

Others prioritize a white-glove customer experience, but then rely on manual staff effort to enroll each staff member—an incredibly time-consuming and error-prone approach. 


2. You Don’t Customize the Corporate Experience

 While you probably already offer the exact courses and programs your corporate partner wants for their staff, offering a white-glove experience means taking things one step further. 

Colleges and universities that are successful in this arena create custom landing pages tailored for each client they serve, offering curated catalogs with previously-identified courses and certificates that target corporate learning objectives.  

Offerings accessed through these pages can be pre-set with specially negotiating contract pricing, as well as pre-defined limits on available seats. 

Asking your corporate partners and their staff to navigate your standard catalog, and to call the office so they can enroll at the corporate price, is not an experience that drives long-term partnership. 

3. You Don’t Streamline Corporate Relationships

Keeping track of corporate partnerships can be a challenge for most higher education institutions. You might have hundreds of partners, each with their own contract, catalog and payment terms—each expecting personalized service.  

Managing so many moving parts is almost impossible on Excel, but that’s what staff members at CE divisions across the country are forced to do. 

Leveraging tailor-made registration software to manage corporate education allows you to create dedicated profiles for each company right into your system-of-record. It also lets staff set up contract terms with defined seat numbers, discounts and billing processes. What’s more, a centralized system can automatically enforce pre-defined rules.  

That efficiency frees your staff to focus their energy on truly understanding and serving the needs of corporate partners. You’ll be able to build and expand existing relationships… rather than struggling to maintain them. 

Make a Change to Drive Long-Term Corporate Partnerships 

 Improving corporate engagement is a key step for CE divisions looking to build the kinds of partnerships that sustain over the long term. At colleges and universities of all sizes across North America, CE leaders are turning to Modern Campus for a solution. 

According to Michelle Fach, Executive Director of Open Learning and Education Support at the University of Guelph, adopting Modern Campus’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development solution set them up to scale and build their corporate learning engine. 

“The functionality and the control that Modern Campus provides to a corporate client is the high-end corporate experience that these clients expect,” she said. 

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Last updated: September 9, 2022


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