Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Increased Enrollment for Five Straight Semesters

How a small, private college leverages Modern Campus Signal Vine conversational two-way text messaging to engage prospective students throughout the admissions process

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The Challenge

The BFIT admissions team faced several challenges in communicating with prospective students. First, students rarely checked their emails and voicemails. In fact, students frequently complained about finding voicemails on their phones. 

Many prospects proposed an alternative: texting. They told staff that texting felt much more natural and engaging than any other form of communication. 


Upon adopting Modern Campus Signal Vine, the BFIT admissions team first texted reminders and resources to help students complete enrollment, including paying tuition. Later, they connected with students about orientation, open houses, school closures and holiday breaks.

Some texts asked students if they had filed FAFSA. Others asked if students had taken their placement assessments and provided instructions for students who needed them. From there, the admissions staff broadened their scope of texts to include nudges for students to submit missing documents to the school and to find scholarships. 


Texting through Modern Campus Signal Vine has helped increase enrollment at BFIT for five straight semesters. In fact, texting has proven to be so effective for the admissions team that other departments—including student affairs, career services, dual enrollment, financial aid, and student accounts—have stopped relying on outdated communication efforts and turned to texting. 


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