Carl Sandburg College Gains Full Control of Its Course Catalog

How a public community college leverages Modern Campus Acalog to manage its course catalog without hassle and make changes in real time

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Modern Campus Acalog for me is a no-stress catalog. Doing a catalog year to year takes time and can be stressful, but by having Acalog set up well, we don't have to worry about things not working correctly. And if we're not sure about anything, we have great support and training from Modern Campus. I don't have any complaints.

Angela Snow
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Carl Sandburg College is one of the early adopters of a digital catalog solution. They switched from a paper catalog to a digital one in the 2012-13 academic year. However, working with the solution vendor proved to be a terrible experience, according to the Registrar Angela Snow.

Our catalog was held hostage with the previous vendor. They provided poor customer service, poor communication, poor upgrades. They were helpful at the beginning; they got us started, implemented the solution and then pretty much we never saw them again.

Angela Snow

The poor communication and support hurt Angela and her team’s efficiency, along with the overall catalog management process. The catalog was always published late and didn’t live up to the high quality the college wanted. 

It was a very unfun process going back and forth with our previous vendor. We never knew if it was going to get done. They would take weeks to respond. The catalog was always published late because of waiting on them to make their changes. And when finally, the PDF would come back, it would look terrible; nobody was happy with the finished product.

Angela Snow

 Carl Sandburg College knew they needed a new solution.  


Once bitten, twice shy, Snow started researching and evaluating available solutions in the market.  

She sought her peers’ advice and learned about Modern Campus Acalog from a peer she trusted. The recommender had been using Acalog and spoke highly of it, which piqued her interest. 

Acalog had a large customer base and excellent customer satisfaction rate. An Acalog university, yearly training and customer support response in 15 to 30 minutes was very attractive. We knew it was a jump in price compared to our previous vendor but 100% worth it.

Angela Snow


Stress-Free Catalog Management

Acalog makes designing, publishing and updating catalogs a breeze. According to Snow, managing Carl Sandburg College’s catalog has never been so simple and stress free. She finds Acalog’s innovative change once, publish everywhere’ (COPE) process extremely helpful. 

With Acalog, we are in control of our catalog. Managing it has been smooth. Once you take your time and get in right the first time, it doesn’t need any major changes besides just what needs updated every year. And that makes all the difference.

Angela Snow

Delightful Student Experience  

Students love navigating the new catalog as much as Snow and her team enjoy managing it. With easy navigation and intuitive search, students have a great experience finding what they look for. With one click, they can find more information about a course in expandable bubbles and add courses to their list of favorites.  

Acalog is very user friendly and intuitive. Going from a catalog that was just a stale PDF and not easily searchable to an intuitive, searchable digital catalog is fantastic.

Angela Snow

Excellent Support and Communication 

Snow speaks highly and confidently of Acalog. She recommends it to all her peers and is thrilled by the best-in-class support and regular communication offered by Modern Campus.  

We've never had a concern yet, but just in case we do, we have regular communication with Modern Campus about what's going good, what's going bad, what we can improve or change, and that to me is priceless.

Angela Snow

Final Words

When I'm at the AACRAO conference or in our registrar groups, I speak very highly of my experiences with Modern Campus. I don't want someone to go through the experiences we've had with the past vendor. Maybe they're doing better now – good for them – but I'm very happy with Acalog.

Angela Snow


Carl Sandburg College’s Favorite Features

Catalog search

Course descriptions

Testing the changes

It’s intuitive and students can find curriculum or courses they’re looking for.” – Angela Snow It helps registrars evaluate transcripts quicker and more effectively. – Angela Snow The ability to test and see what we changed before publishing it is great. – Angela Snow



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