The University of Wisconsin-Stout Reduces Curriculum Approval Time by 20-30%

How a polytechnic public university uses Modern Campus Curriculog to manage curriculum tracking, review and maintenance

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Dr. Amanda Barnett - Associate Vice Chancellor of  Curriculum Quality in Academics Affairs, Kristine Meshak — Curriculum Data Manager

Curriculog enhances the quality and timeliness of our curriculum approval and implementation processes. Stakeholders across campus have access to proposals in one location as they route for approval, providing transparency, opportunities for continuous feedback, and consistency throughout the process.

Amanda Barnett

The Challenge

UW-Stout has been using Curriculog since 2015. Prior to that, the paper review process for curriculum proposals was time- and workload-intensive, complicated to track and took longer to reach approval.    

Another challenge involved course impact summaries. When a course changed, consulting with the other programs created barriers and confusion.  

Before Curriculog, the curriculum data manager was making phone calls and sending emails to move curriculum through the approval process. Things could get lost in the process and stakeholders were left wondering, ‘Where is this at in the process? Who has the proposal? Do they have the most up-to-date version?’, leading to more questions and extra work for all involved.

Amanda Barnett

The Solution

Curriculog streamlines the approval process by allowing campus stakeholders to know where a proposal is within the cycle at any given moment. It increases transparency, accountability, communication and collaboration. It supports real-time edits in curriculum committees so that the curriculum is constantly being improved and available in one location. This is critical given that UW Stout routes more than 200 curriculum proposals each academic year.  

Curriculog also increases efficiency since the curriculum review process is automated and information is organized logically within the system. And it reduces the amount of time staff has to devote to process and workflow. Implementing Curriculog resulted in a 20-30% time savings!

Curriculog allows us to be more effective in the types of curriculum we propose and modify. Our time is spent collaboratively, all hands on deck, working from a single document and knowing where the proposal is at each step along the approval process.

Kristine Meshak

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