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Cut your time spent on curriculum management in half.

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Your One-Stop Solution for Curriculum Management

Respond faster to student needs in the evolving job market by automating curriculum approval processes built for today's distributed digital workplace.



Curriculog - Efficiency

Save 30-50% in Total Staff Hours


  • Manage curriculum creation, review and approval processes from an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard. 
  • Reduce approval times drastically with role-driven workflows and automated notifications.
  • Lean on best practices or configure workflows and forms that suit your institutional needs.

Over 325 higher ed institutions trust Curriculog.


Customers experienced up to 50% reduction in curriculum preparation time.


Customers improved data consistency by 76% with Curriculog.

The Modern Campus Advantage

Serve students across their entire journey, from exploration to registration.


Web Content Management | CMS

Integrate Curriculum with the #1 CMS choice in higher education and enhance digital experience.

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Curriculum Management | Curriculum

Seamlessly manage curriculum and publish data with Catalog

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Class Schedule Management | Schedule

Plan and schedule classes through Schedule.

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Student Schedule Optimization | Navigate

Allow students to select desired courses and optimize their schedule.

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Career Planning | Career Pathways

Empower students to understand the ROI of courses and programs.

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Integrate with Campus Systems

Our nearly 20 years of experience working with diverse academic institutions enables us to integrate data with a range of student information systems (SIS), including PeopleSoft and Ellucian Ethos, Banner and Colleague, as well as homegrown and other SIS. The experienced integration team works with clients to plan and execute a successful and smooth integration.



Curriculog has enabled Kennesaw State University to create a one-stop repository for managing the complexity of its undergraduate and graduate curriculum management process."

Manager of Academic Publications - Kennesaw State University

Case Study

Curriculog allows us to create an audit trail of who made the changes and why. This helps us send it back to the originator when there are errors or missing information."

Registrar - Central New Mexico Community College

Case Study

When we went live with Curriculog, it really simplified a lot of things. It streamlined it so that we only ever have one version of a form out and we only have one version of a proposal."

Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs - College of Charleston

case study

I would highly recommend Curriculog because of the time that it saved us. Because of the transparency that it offers to us, I no longer have to try to track down things that have been misplaced. I know exactly where to find proposals and who has them at what time."

Academic Services - Polk State College

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