Lifelong Learning Extended Education Modules

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Want to engage students better—and make your life easier?

Lifelong Learning Extended Education Modules do all that while tackling some of your most pressing needs.


Destiny One Badges is a Modern Campus module.

Digital Credentials

Automate your digital credentialing process

Create, manage and award digital credentials securely for all kinds of accomplishments.

Extra Credit: 15x - That’s how much web traffic can skyrocket when students share clickable credentials on social media.




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Destiny One Corporate Engagement Manager is a Modern Campus module.

Corporate Engagement Manager

Foster and manage compelling corporate partnerships

Engage corporate learners with an eCommerce-inspired experience and website customized to their organization.

Extra Credit: “The functionality and control that Destiny One [now called Lifelong Learning Extended Education] provides to corporate clients make up the high-end experience these clients expect.” - Michelle Fach, Director of Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph


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Destiny One Dashboards is a Modern Campus module.


Make data work for you

Turn spreadsheets into strategy with 40 out-of-the box dashboards that allow you to see trends and make data-driven decisions.

Extra Credit: Dashboards allow you to build additional views and add new data sets based on your requirements.


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Destiny One ISP Manager is a Modern Campus module.

International and Specialty Programs Manager

Engage your international and ESL audiences more effectively

Simplify the management of your IELP, ESL and other international programs.

Extra Credit: Create program-specific landing pages that are search engine optimized, mobile-friendly and available in multiple languages with just a few clicks.


Learn more about ISP Manager


Destiny One Language Packs is a Modern Campus module.

Language Packs

Are you speaking their language?

Boost engagement and enrollment with tools that let you publish your website, student portal and other communications in different languages.

Extra Credit: Language Packs supports all languages using the Latin-1 character set as defined by the International Organization for Standardization.


Learn more about Language Packs

Destiny One Proctor and Exam Scheduling is a Modern Campus module.

Proctor and Exam Scheduling

Create automated, student-first exam scheduling

Simplify exam scheduling for staff and give students 24/7 access to a mobile-friendly, self-service portal that allows them to manage their exams.

Extra Credit: Support exam centers and individual proctors anywhere in the world with Proctor and Exam Scheduling.


Learn more about Proctor and Exam Scheduling

Modern Campus Conference Manager

Increase revenue and build your brand with the world’s only event management software designed for higher education. Develop exemplary in-person and online events with a cutting-edge conference management system that saves time and boosts registrations.

Learn more about Conference Manager


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