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Massive personalization that revolutionizes student engagement. Features designed for academia. A flexible layout builder that business and technical users love.

Modern Campus Omni CMS. The #1 web CMS of choice in higher education.


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Get To Know Modern Campus Omni CMS

Your website is your reputation. Give students the modern website they want—and expect.

Content Contributors
Easily edit pages and insert images with Omni CMS.

Create pages? No problem.

New Page Wizards let you complete a form to develop different page types and RSS feeds.

Edit pages easily

Drag-and-drop features, convenient gadgets and true WYSIWYG editing make pages simple to change.

Add and adjust images

Resize, crop, rotate, rename and save photos in a variety of formats, and use gadgets to insert images and videos.

View pages in multiple browser and operating system combinations before publishing with Omni CMS.

Publish error-free content

Use our failsafe tools (including multi-browser preview and quality checks) to schedule or instantly publish pristine pages.

Post instantly

Publish pages, directories or entire sites—no publishing queues! Or schedule content to publish later.

Compare page changes

Roll back to earlier page versions in the event of a mea culpa.

Easily edit page source code with Omni CMS.

Customize your code

Get full access to all Omni CMS HTML, CSS, scripting and templates. Plus, use APIs to create new tools and functionality.

Change templates

Edit and change templates as you go. We are the only higher ed-focused CMS that builds templates in XSLT 3.0--think: epic flexibility.

Manage user access

Choose which users can edit source code with configurable themes and syntax highlighting.

Look to the cloud

Enjoy the benefits of SaaS deployment in which we handle the installation, upgrades, updates, maintenance and infrastructure, freeing your time for other projects.

Use deep personalization with Omni CMS.

Engage audiences

Connect to students with deep personalization, data-driven content designed to drive enrollment and retention.

Create galleries

Establish a gallery of reusable, branded images for content creators.

Publish to social

Automatically push content to social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, when a new or updated page goes live.

Ensure your pages are accessible to all visitors with Omni CMS.

Manage users efficiently

Define user permissions down to the site, page, or even section of a page level for better multi-site, multi-user, and multi-channel administration.

Control quality

Enforce spelling, link, W3C validation and accessibility checks before publish to ensure your website looks professional and is accessible to all visitors.

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Modern Campus Omni CMS comes with:

  • Robust features and capabilities, including image galleries and forms, surveys and polls.
  • The capacity to tailor your digital engagement engine even further with modules designed specifically for colleges and universities.

Learn more about Omni CMS modules

  • Modern Campus Personalization, our next-generation engagement system that allows you to display targeted content to visitors based on their behavior or location.

Learn more about Personalization by Modern Campus

  • Modern Campus award-winning support, which includes full implementation, deployment and hands-on training.

Learn more about Modern Campus support

Modern Campus Personalization allows you to display targeted content to visitors based on their behavior or location.

Show content variations based on your website visitors behavior with Personalization by Modern Campus.



Learn about Modern Campus Pathways

Drive Career Outcomes

Modern Campus Career Pathways

Modern learners are focused on career outcomes. A student-first institution helps them find the way! Career Pathways brings labor-market data to the forefront so students can make informed choices.

Learn more about Pathways



Extend Your Omni CMS Capabilities



Deepen engagement through high-powered search.

Learn about Omni CMS Search



Improve UX by quickly identifying areas for improvement.

Learn about Omni CMS Insights

Email Campaign Manager

Email Campaign Manager

Engage with students by creating, sending and managing marketing emails.

Learn about Omni CMS Email Campaign Manager

Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Make your courses and programs easy for learners to find online.

Learn about Omni CMS Course Catalog

Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

Shine the spotlight on your amazing faculty members.

Learn about Omni CMS Faculty Directory



Engage visitors with fresh, authentic content published right from the CMS.

Learn about Omni CMS Blogs


Emergency Alerts

Deliver critical announcements and notifications when they’re most needed.

Learn about Omni CMS Emergency Alerts



Build community interaction with a centralized, interactive and accessible calendar.

Learn about Omni CMS Calendar

Campus Map

Campus Map

Port your campus online with dynamic, multimedia maps.

Learn about Campus Map


TrueCost Calculator

Simplify student decision-making by helping them understand ROI.

Learn about TrueCost Calculator

Futurize Your First Impression

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. It is your college catalog, viewbook, program sheets, and more rolled into one resource.

It should reflect the future, not 2011.

Midland College is a Modern Campus customer.

With the Omni CMS SaaS model, I’m no longer spending half my time fixing a broken system. We can concentrate on what needs to be done and not worry about whether the system will even work. We are spoiled! Previously, our site was unattractive, but now it’s intuitive and eye-catching."

Dan Buckley | Webmaster - Midland College


streamlined, branded web pages replaced Midland College’s 4,000 dated and disorganized legacy pages

Guided pathways

direct students to their interests and academic programs

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Ensure your website is accessible to all visitors.


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