Modern Campus Launches Transformational Web Content Management Experience for Higher Education

TORONTO — December 2, 2021 — Modern Campus today announced the launch of Melody™, the industry’s first low-code web design tool purpose-built for higher education, and deeper personalization capabilities of Modern Campus Web Content Management (Omni CMS). With these additions, Modern Campus stands alone in the higher education market as a leader by enabling the next-generation web experience that modern learners expect and modern higher education marketers and web administrators desire.  

Higher education institutions are adapting quickly to transform their institution to meet the digital needs of modern learners – often with limited resources – and their web and marketing teams are no exception. Despite the need to offer a web experience that differentiates their school in a crowded market and attracts and converts prospective students with high efficiency, they often must settle with pages built from a few generic templates or investing resources in costly web design services. As a result, higher education web pages don’t often match the expectations of modern learners, which are shaped by their experiences with leading consumer sites and apps.  

This is why Modern Campus created Melody, a low-code tool for its next-generation web content management solution, which dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to create beautiful higher education web pages. Schools can build web pages without having to involve the IT team, without extensive knowledge of coding or programming languages, and without needing to use system tags. 

“With Melody, web and content teams can spend their time where it belongs – on better strategy, better content, and ultimately a better student experience,” said Reuben Pressman, chief product officer for Modern Campus. “Rather than coding templates and being ‘stuck’ with what they're given, Modern Campus customers can now use our industry-leading low-code toolset to craft layouts in minutes rather than days, re-use versus re-make, and benefit from our higher education CMS community resources.” 

Additional enhancements to its support of high-quality website design, Modern Campus is also launching: 

  • Deeper website personalization capabilities -  enable higher education institutions to dramatically increase the engagement of website visitors by providing highly personalized content. Whether their goals are to attract new students, engage with alumni, or reach any other target audience, institutions can now turn website visitors into contacts, by importing external data from CRM or SIS systems and build targeted segments. For instance, a college can target out-of-state high achievers by showing dynamic content to website visitors based on their geolocation and high school GPA by importing external data from Ellucian Recruit or Salesforce.  
  • Modern Campus Design Studio - a new set of services to handle customer web design projects and the Melody design library. These services will highlight the latest design elements available to Modern Campus users, and act as an agency to provide front-end web design support and design consultation, support with accessibility compliance, and web design modification for customers experiencing resource constraints. 

“Our prospective students are seasoned consumers with high expectations of the institutions they're exploring, and the website is their first interaction with us and our brand,” said Eric Hazen, web marketing manager at Ferris State University.” The enhancements and expansions from Modern Campus enable us to deliver a digital experience and first impression that inspires students to engage more deeply. These tools help us go beyond simply telling students how much we care about their success, and instead allow us to show them how our programs, support services, and outcomes align with their individual needs and goals. The launch of Melody and Design Studio, and the expansion of personalization features, will make a significant impact on our ability to develop high-quality and engaging web experiences that position us to serve the modern learner on their own terms.” 

About Modern Campus 

Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its 1,400+ higher education customers to thrive when radical transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt and administrative complexity.     

The Modern Campus engagement platform powers solutions for non-traditional student management, web content management, catalog and curriculum management, student engagement & development, career pathways, and campus maps & virtual tours. The result: innovative institutions can create a Learner-to-Earner Lifecycle that engages modern learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency.    

Modern Campus Web Content Management (Omni CMS) enables a next-generation web experience that attracts and engages modern learners with rich personalization – and enables modern marketers and web administrators to do big things with limited resources. 

Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn. 

Last updated: December 2, 2021


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