Modern Campus Partners with BCdiploma to Secure Learner Credentials via Blockchain Technology


Partnership expands opportunities for higher education providers to issue verified digital credentials to learners


TORONTO and PARIS – September 22, 2021 – Modern Campus and BCdiploma announced today a partnership connecting the BCdiploma verified digital credential platform with Modern Campus Destiny One, the leading student management system for non-traditional education. 


BCdiploma is trusted by over 100 higher education institutions across 18 countries to offer diplomas, certificates, badges and microcredentials. The credentials themselves can be customized to provide a highly authentic look and feel. BCdiploma’s credentials are also interoperable with open standards, ensuring backward compatibility of its digital credentials with emerging governance standards. 


As a result of this partnership, leading providers of non-traditional education from colleges and universities will have the capacity to offer verified digital credentials for their programs at the touch of a button. These digital credentials, housed on the blockchain, are forgery-proof and customizable in both content and design. 


“By partnering with BCdiploma, Modern Campus Destiny One customers will gain the flexibility to offer the kinds of verified digital credentials today’s students and employers look for,” said Peter DeVries, president and chief operating officer of Modern Campus. “This responsiveness to the needs of our customers is what makes Modern Campus an innovative leader in the rapidly changing education market, and we’re thrilled to work with a like-minded, innovative company like BCdiploma.” 


Microcredentials are increasingly important to success in delivering modern higher education. According to recent research from Modern Campus and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, 92% of higher education leaders say microcredentials help keep their institutions competitive, and 71% say they will help the institution achieve its revenue and enrollment goals. 


Critically, by housing digital credentials on the blockchain, BCdiploma ensures students have lifelong access to their credentials while also defending against the growing tide of credential fraud. According to a 2018 study, 68% of applicant resumes were found to be misleading and 29% of those were specifically cases where individuals presented credentials they hadn’t earned. 


"BCdiploma is proud to provide Modern Campus Destiny One customers with one-click access to its services. What could be better than custom-designed blockchain credentials and badges that can be issued directly from your usual back-office?" said Luc Jarry-Lacombe, co-founder and CEO of BCdiploma. "Beyond unequaled security and durability, BCdiploma is a powerful tool for the branding of universities." 

 Webinar: How to Govern Digital Credentials Using Blockchain Security

To learn how you can offer verified, digital credentials at your institution, join our webinar on October 6 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT: or contact


About Modern Campus  
Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its 1,200+ higher education customers to thrive when radical transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt and even school closures.    
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About Blockchain Certified Data/BCdiploma 

Blockchain Certified Data is a French software publisher specializing in blockchain technologies. As a pure player, it has been contributing since 2017 to the creation of an international ecosystem of digital credentials. 

The company patented a method combining cryptography and blockchain and markets BCdiploma, a B2B SaaS solution that allows any institution to issue the latest generation of blockchain certificates. BCdiploma is a forerunner in terms of respecting private data stored on a blockchain. It enables the authentication, security and storage of credential data. Students, graduates and citizens thus have lifetime authentic certificates that can be freely used and instantly verified without any procedure. 

BCdiploma is deployed in more than 100 institutions in 18 countries with the following use cases: diploma, academic and continuing education certificate, certified open badge of proficiency, notarial certificate and ISO certificate.

Last updated: September 22, 2021

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