Modern Campus Recognizes the Ten Best Higher Education Course Catalogs of 2023

Modern Campus Recognizes the Ten Best Higher Education Course Catalogs of 2023


TORONTO — December 6, 2023 — Modern Campus, higher education’s learner-to-earner lifecycle platform leader, today recognized ten colleges and universities for excellence in digital catalog design and management.  

A team of Modern Campus digital catalog experts, with input from experienced registrars and enrollment professionals, chose ten winners from more than 800 post-secondary institutions using Modern Campus Catalog, the higher education industry’s most widely used digital catalog management solution. The catalogs were evaluated on their effectiveness in engaging students, driving conversions and improving enrollments by delivering critical information with engaging user experiences. 

Factors leading to the ten institutions being recognized include engaging catalog design, easy navigation, exemplary use of rich media content and calls to action (CTAs).  

The ten colleges and universities being awarded with The Modern Campus Best Higher Education Course Catalogs of 2023 are: 

Course catalogs are often one of the first things prospective students check when researching colleges, making them an important touchpoint in students’ enrollment journey. Today's tech-savvy students expect higher ed catalogs to be informative, up to date, engaging, easily navigable and optimized for their phones. 

“I congratulate these ten institutions that are using their course catalogs to creatively inform, educate, attract, engage, and convert students,” said Kimberly Prieto, vice president for product at Modern Campus. “Implementing these best practices has set these institutions apart and can help other colleges and universities maximize the value of their own catalogs.”  

While many colleges and universities are struggling to grow their enrollments, future-thinking higher education institutions leverage their course catalogs as marketing tools, using them to attract and engage learners instead of treating them as mere paperwork. 

“Kennesaw State University has found a new level of efficiency and student centricity with Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum. By streamlining the usual complexity associated with higher education catalog & curriculum approval processes, we have successfully created a seamless process for getting information into our catalog and ensuring that students have what they need to make important decisions about their future,” said Rachel Stignani, Curriculum Specialist and Catalog Manager at Kennesaw State University. “The recognition as one of Modern Campus's Top Ten Higher Ed Catalogs in 2023 shows our dedication to students and their needs, with a catalog that caters to students and allows for the discovery of all that our university has to offer while honoring our core value of transparency.” 

To find the full listing of the Modern Campus Top Ten Higher Ed Course Catalogs 2023, with screenshots and insights into the factors that make them truly excellent, visit 

To listen in to a panel discussion with leaders from three of the winning institutions Kennesaw State University, Purdue University and Western Washington University, visit this link. 

About Modern Campus  

Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its 2,000+ higher education customers to thrive when transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt and administrative complexity. 

The Modern Campus engagement platform powers solutions for non-traditional student management, web content management, catalog and curriculum management, student engagement and development, conversational text messaging, career pathways, and campus maps and virtual tours. The result: innovative institutions can create a learner-to-earner lifecycle that engages modern learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency.  

Learn how Modern Campus is leading the modern learner engagement movement atmoderncampus.comand follow us on LinkedIn. 

Last updated: December 6, 2023

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