Metropolitan State University of Denver Streamlines Micro-Credential Management

How an urban institution leverages the Modern Campus Curriculum Management Software to manage institution-wide micro-credentials

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Curriculog has provided increased transparency in the curriculum review system. Prior to Curriculog, proposal originators were unsure of the status of their proposal unless they were asked to make edits or asked clarifying questions. With Curriculog, proposal originators can look at their proposals anytime and see what step it’s on and what level of review is occurring.

Erica Buckland Anderson

The Challenge

Inconsistent and tedious micro-credentials management process   

As a result of declining enrolment in four-year degree programs and students questioning the ROI of higher education, demand for micro-credentials has been rising 

Like many higher education institutions, MSU Denver—an urban institution serving a diverse student population—recently started working on offering digital badging and micro-credentials.  

MSU Denver has been using the Modern Campus Catalog Management System (Acalog) and Curriculum Management System (Curriculog) to manage its catalog and curriculum for degree programs since 2016. The process was inconsistent, error prone and tedious. 

Until 2022 a formal process and policy for micro-credentials didn’t exist, so departments were managing their micro-credentials individually. Since the university was going to offer more badges and micro-credentials, it needed a centralized, streamlined, efficient and scalable process.  

The Solution

The Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum Management Solutions had already enabled the two-person team (Anderson and Schneider) to manage and publish the MSU Denver’s catalog and curriculum for degree programs efficiently.

Curriculog allowed the time moving proposals from my office (Curriculum) to the Registrar’s Office to shrink. We are able to get proposals to them faster – probably as much as 4-6 weeks earlier.

Erica Buckland Anderson

They observed how other institutions were managing micro-credentials and got inspired by Kennesaw State University's success story. So, they also implemented the Modern Campus Curriculum Management System to streamline and manage micro-credentials at MSU Denver. 

With the help of Acalog and looking at our friends over at Kennesaw State University, we went ahead and developed our own micro-credential bulletin. We really value and appreciate the Kennesaw State success story with the Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum Management Systems. We also saw them at Evolve [The Modern Campus Annual Conference], and we were able to get some great ideas from them.

Erica Buckland Anderson
The Results
Improved student and faculty experience with consistent and unified procedures 

Modern Campus solutions have enabled MSU Denver to improve both student and faculty experiences.  

On the student side, they made the process of accessing both micro-credentials and more traditional degree and certificate programs more consistent. This means students are able to find, decide on and choose the right program for them quickly and easily.  

For faculty, Anderson is creating a unified database to access and view all the course offerings by the university.

We took a step further and created our curriculum database leveraging Modern Campus Acalog. We essentially created a system that has all the courses we offer easily accessible for our faculty. They can log in to the system, view everything about a course, its learning objectives, the CIP code, the credits, when it was created and revised and then update it if required.

Erica Buckland Anderson

It was already easy for the faculty to manage micro-credentials using Curriculog because they were familiar with the technology. Then Anderson also worked with Modern Campus to get the faculty members the training to create, edit and update the database. The training is flexible and customized according to the faculty’s need and role, which made the transition from a paper-based procedure not only easy but exciting.  

Modern Campus Curriculog just streamlines everything. It's so much less of a headache than trying to just deal with paper or much slower processes. And with Modern Campus Acalog, the control of our catalog is in our hands. If we need to change, update or fix something, we can actually just go in and do that. It wasn’t so easily possible with the other system we had been using earlier.

Tonia Schneider
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