Scale Programs with Workforce Development Technology


Develop More Programs that Deliver Workforce Results

Grow Programs
University North Carolina Charlotte is a Modern Campus customer.

Stay ahead of market demand

Gain efficiency without sacrificing flexibility by uploading courses in bulk, using a template or starting from scratch.

Repurpose offerings

Serve different markets by offering the same course content in multiple delivery formats, locations, packages or price points, and manage it all from one place.

Add stackability

Create stackable offerings that allow students to advance their education and earn progressively broader credentials over time.

Improve Efficiency

Create student-centric processes

Business processes that put learners first save staff time. When students can self serve, staff aren’t bogged down by simple requests.

Allocate effort with business intelligence

With access to out-of-the-box reports and data visualizations, see which activities drive the most impact.

Leverage automation and workflows

Reduce the time staff spend on repetitive work, so they can focus on growing programs and engaging learners.

Allow students to anticipate the salary they can potentially make with a specific career.

Give students clear ROI

Provide students the labor market data they need to justify their educational investment.

Give students what they’re looking for

Leverage deep personalization, so students can see the offerings they want without having to dig.

Help students find you

With automated web publishing and SEO optimization, staff only have to input course info once for it to be found everywhere.



Shave Months Off the Course Approval Process with Workflows

Launch new courses or programs without reams of paperwork or lengthy approval dates. 

Destiny One’s workflows automate repetitive processes, so nothing slips through the cracks. Program managers can propose new courses and sections, then automatically route the information through the approval process.

Automate repetitive workflows using Destiny One.



Don't restrict your course offerings to a semester schedule.

Don’t Restrict Yourself with Rigid Semester Schedules

Students don’t seek out programs on a specific calendar, so your offerings shouldn’t be restricted by one.

Destiny One’s approval processes aren’t tied to specific dates, so you can get new courses up and running at any time without having to wait for the next semester (or the one after that, or the one after that…)





Clear Pathways to Great Careers

Take guesswork off the table for your students. With Modern Campus Pathways, you can help students pick the courses and programs they need to achieve their career objectives.

  • Display real-time labor market data on landing pages
  • Open students’ eyes to career paths they haven’t considered
  • Make it quick and easy for learners to calculate education ROI
Enable college students to explore careers they never considered.



Optimize your course offerings with Destiny One.

Respond to Market Demand with Optimized Offerings

Once you set up a course, the Destiny One curriculum management system allows you to repurpose the same academic content for different audiences, even corporate clients.

Each section can have any number of pricing and discounting options. Sections can be delivered in-class, online or as a hybrid. Classes can have regular or irregular meeting patterns, and staff can schedule specific buildings and rooms.

The choice is yours:

  • Credit or non-credit
  • Online, in-class or hybrid
  • Synchronous or asynchronous
  • Certificates and bundles
  • Custom and corporate programs
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Evening and weekend
  • Summer session


Our Customers Love Us

We have had, particularly since 2017, substantial year-over-year growth, which accelerated this Spring when things shut down.

John HallVice President of Program Delivery for eCornell, Cornell University



John Hall
Learn how three schools significantly boosted enrollment and revenue figures after implementing Destiny One. 



Scale Your Workforce Development Offerings

The Modern Campus Student Engagement Platform makes it easy to scale the creation and delivery of diverse workforce development program offers.

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