Modern Campus Destiny One for Professional Associations

The solution to your Professional Association needs to manage continuing professional development.

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The solution to your Professional Association needs to manage continuing professional development.

170+ Continuing Education Innovators Trust Destiny One


170+ Continuing Education Innovators Trust Destiny One

Maximize Value for Your Membership


Your members are looking for streamlined and straightforward access to high-quality, relevant professional development and workforce training opportunities, and are looking to earn the credentials they need to advance their careers.

Leverage the power of Modern Campus Destiny One, the leading registration and management system for professional associations, to exceed the expectations of your members.




Average revenue increase over five years across all Destiny One customers



Single-year increase in client revenue from automated cart recovery



Growth in registrations processed online at Harper College after adopting Destiny One

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Unlock the Potential of Lifelong Learning

Modern workers need reinvention across their careers. Position yourself as their go-to resource for professional development—whether they’re 18 or 80—with Modern Campus Destiny One, the world’s only non-degree management solution that puts lifelong engagement first.

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Hear from Modern Campus customers about Destiny One.

Benefits of Destiny One for Professional Associations

Create and manage continuing education, workforce development and other non-traditional offerings using Destiny One.

Launch programs quickly

Create programs targeting all learner types with multiple formats, locations and prices.

Simplify credentialing

Develop, bundle and deliver CPD, CEUs, certificates and certifications to your members.​

Simplify registration

Offer members an intuitive, Amazon-like customer experience optimized for conversion.

Convert prospects into learners and track the entire process using Destiny One.

Tailor marketing campaigns​

Communicate better with your members through Destiny One’s built-in marketing feature that gives you a list of specific audiences so you can create custom email campaigns to upsell, cross-sell, or remind members of any course offerings.​

Clear learning outcomes​

Show learners the career pathways and trajectories that continued education opens for them without any manual effort.​

Leverage your brand

Build a world-class, mobile-friendly, e-commerce website with your brand standards.

Enhance competitiveness​

Stand out as the training and education provider of choice for your members—and grow your membership—by delivering the customer experience they expect.​

Create a top-of-the-line, personalized registration experience to drive enrollment growth across all types of non-traditional programs using Destiny One.

Simplify registration

Offer members an intuitive, Amazon-like customer experience, including self-service registration and cart recovery prompts that are optimized for conversion.​

Straightforward authentication​

Allow members easy multi-factor authentication login to access their accounts, register for relevant learning and stay engaged.​

Respond to member inquiries​

Ensure world-class customer service with best-practices workflows and rich member profiles that staff can consult when inquiries land.​

Keep your eyes on the numbers

See at a glance which offers are the most popular with Destiny One’s Enrollment Top 10 dashboards.

Securely track and manage financial information with tightly-governed accounting transactions and up-to-date, accurate financial data using Destiny One.

Streamlined payment​

Trust PCI-DSS and SOC-2 compliance to take credit card payment with confidence, and leverage robust integrations to allow an even wider range of payment methods.​

Ace your accounting

Manage your finances with grade-A practices such as time-based accounting and general ledger (GL) reconciliation.

Accommodate member needs

Allow multiple pricing schemes for programs and courses and support different types of payment.

Gain financial insight

Use Destiny One’s 50-plus financial reports that you can filter by course, program or department.

Get access to 150 standard reports across all operations that fuel business growth and learner engagement using Destiny One.

Make data-driven decisions

Optimize operations with insights from 150 out-of-box reports and custom report flexibility.

Ensure data security

Destiny One’s cloud-based storage stores data securely in Canada and the United States.

Optimize programs

View transactions association-wide to assess trends and program success.

Destiny One Delivers



Leverage Destiny One’s expertise and adopt a system pre-configured to align with best practices and designed to simplify administration.



Explore additional modules like Conference Manager, Corporate Engagement Manager, Badging and Dashboards to extend your reach further.

Streamlined Implementation

Streamlined Implementation

Collaborate with Destiny One’s implementation experts to adopt the implementation package that’s right for your organization.

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Destiny One Portals Make Life Easy for Everyone


Portals: Making Life Easier for Everyone

Self-service processes and targeted portals? Yes, please.

  • Members
  • Staff
  • Instructor

Learn more about how users can harness Modern Campus Destiny One’s audience-specific portals.

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Get Started

Throughout the process, three dedicated teams will guide you through so you get the best solutions for your unique situation as fast as possible.

  • Sales Team: Consultation
  • Professional Services Team: Product Implementation
  • Customer Success Team: Support After Go-Live

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Case Study

We saw a 35% increase in course enrollments for many of our programs.

This is also due to our focus on upsell, which is another benefit of Destiny One. If we see a student was interested in a particular course, we can go beyond recommending other courses and use Destiny One to offer special bundle packages that allow prospective students to save money while advancing their education further.

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Integrate Modern Campus Destiny One Into Your Tech Ecosystem



Authentication and Identity Management:

Use existing SSO and identity management for staff, members and instructors.

Customer Relationship Management Systems:

Build full-funnel visibility by connecting Destiny One with industry-leading CRM tools.

Website and CMS:

Leverage Destiny One's public view, or integrate with your existing CMS.

Learning Management Systems:

Facilitate live access to courseware and automated grade processing.

Payment Processors:

Manage credit card payments and refunds in real-time.

Destiny One integrates into your tech ecosystem.



Our Customers

With Destiny One, it is a huge benefit to us to find one single system that lifts the administrative burden off our staff and allows our customers to own their learning experience.

Kristy Davis

Director of Academic Support Resources-IT at University of Minnesota

Our old site wasn’t efficient, and our enrollment process was very bad. Even though our marketing was driving people to our site, conversion rates weren’t there, and we were losing a lot of potential students. With the adoption of Destiny One and the enhancements we've made, we're really starting to see those conversion rates go way up.

Fred Anger

Executive Director of Financial Planning and Strategy for the Chang School of Continuing Education


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Modern Campus Destiny One for Professional Associations

The solution your Professional Association needs to manage continuing professional development.

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