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Users who get frustrated when content isn’t relevant to them​



Prospective students who lose interest in a higher ed institution after a frustrating web experience



Increase in eCommerce purchases when personalized content is displayed​.

Personalization Software

60% of students say their college delivers the least personalized experience of all the brands they engage with online​


Your website is your shop window. Make sure it’s tailored to help every student see the programs and services they need.


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Build Urgency
Display relevant calls to action on your higher educaiton website with Modern Campus personalization.

Display relevant calls-to-action

Trigger alternate calls-to-action when someone visits a page multiple times – such as upcoming registration deadlines and signing up for clubs and activities.

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Tailor content from previous visits on your higher education website with Modern Campus personalization.

Tailor content from previous visits

Automatically update website copy to provide relevant facts and stats to students, based on browsing patterns, to help them make informed choices about their education pathway.

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Highlight relevant content on your higher education website with Modern Campus personalization.

Highlight relevant material

Automatically point website visitors to information relevant to them-like in-state tuition or continuing education programs.

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Bring Your Web Experience to Life


Personalization by Modern Campus is the only personalization engine designed for higher education, and is available for colleges and universities leveraging Modern Campus Omni CMS, the #1 web content management system purpose-built for higher education.

Personalization is driven by the Omni CMS.



Better Together: Modern Campus Pathways and Personalization

Help students take the next step

Modern Campus Pathways is a cloud-based software solution that gives students the real-time career and program information.

Deliver the most personal information to students fast with Pathways. Show salary, number of job postings, and career outlook data that match students’ interests.

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Did a student check career outlook information in electrical engineering? Knowing how serious this student is, show targeted content next time the student visits your homepage by showing related copy or video content.

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Modern Campus Pathways and Personalization

Personalization Resource Center

Access exclusive resources and learn everything you need to know to make personalization a reality on your website.

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Personalization by Modern Campus makes it easy to apply personalization techniques to attract and convert prospective students, and engage existing students and alumni.

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Case Study

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Learn how West Valley College is transforming the student experience by implementing Modern Campus Pathways.

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Massive Personalization and Career Pathways: The New Standard for Higher Ed


Massive Personalization and Career Pathways

Revolutionize the student experience at your institution with a personalized digital student engagement strategy.

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