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Making the Most of Open Houses and College Fairs 

Welcome to the 7th in a series of blog posts that demonstrate how marketing and web teams can bring the power of personalization to life at their college or university. The series follows the staff at a fictional school, Gallena University, on their journey to attract, convert and engage learners using practical personalization techniques. Each blog is accompanied by a worksheet and online workshop so that you can make the Gallena experience a reality for your school.

Gallena University’s admissions officers travel to dozens of high schools every year, but they worry that students may miss the emails or notifications from their high schools. Furthermore, students receive a plethora of information when they attend fairs, so the admissions department is eager to find a way to keep Gallena at front of students’ minds for weeks and even months after the fair. 

It doesn’t take long for the Gallena team to realize that by using Modern Campus Instinct, they can create targeted pages and forms to notify students about upcoming open houses and college fairs. They can also create customized messaging that appears when prospective students visit certain web pages. 

The Instinct Advantage for a Modern Campus 

The Gallena team begins by building out a personalized messaging campaign for prospective students who attend open houses and college fairs.

Using geolocation, Instinct helps admissions first identify students in the geographic location who might be interested in attending an upcoming open house. Then, once students have attended the fair, dynamic content blocks can be shown on their visits to the website to highlight additional events in the area. Omni CMS Instinct makes it easy for the Gallena admissions team to build ongoing relationships with prospective students as they narrow their college decisions. 

Additionally, the admissions staff can also create targeted web pages and forms to notify prospects when upcoming open houses and college fairs are scheduled in their area. 

Eugene, a transfer student, would like to chat with a Gallena University admissions counselor, but he missed the last open house. He’d love to be notified when the school hosts the next Gallena visit or when Gallena plans another visit to his area. Fortunately, Eugene can easily sign up to be notified when the next open house occurs—right from the admissions web page. That’s because Instinct allows Gallena to create targeted messaging based on Eugene’s form completion.    

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your School’s Enrollment and Admissions Process? 

Like the Gallena admissions team, you, too, can use Instinct to do big things to identify and cultivate prospective students. Even before you know your website visitor’s name, Instinct helps you understand their interests and then uses that information to offer tailored content and messaging that the student is looking for—at the right time. 

Don’t wait. It’s time to transform your website into a next-generation digital experience with rich personalization that dramatically increases digital engagement. 

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Last updated: July 6, 2022


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