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Increase Alumni Involvement by Creating Engaging Interactions

Welcome to the last in a series of blog posts that demonstrate how marketing and web teams can bring the power of personalization to life at their college or university. The series follows the staff at a fictional school, Gallena University, on their journey to attract, convert and engage learners using practical personalization techniques. Each blog is accompanied by a worksheet and online workshop so that you can make the Gallena experience a reality for your school.

As Gallena University’s newest development officer, Cori wants to increase donations raised through alumni events and identify alumni who have not been active. The traditional approach in higher education has been to woo prospective students but promptly forget about them once they graduate—except for the occasional email and phone call that comes with a development campaign. Cori wants to change that by keeping them in the loop about campus events, continuing education programs and university milestones. 

Knowing that people crave connections, Cori investigates software that can help her build long-lasting relationships with alumni. She discovers that the campus content management system, Omni CMS, has a built-in feature, Instinct, that enables rich personalization throughout the campus website. Best of all, it’s already built into the school’s CMS, so there’s no complicated integration or need to tap the IT team to implement it.  

The Instinct Advantage for a Modern Campus 

In a matter of days, Cori has launched a campaign targeting the school’s alumni. Using dynamic content blocks, she creates messaging that highlights local events when someone visits the website alumni page. When the visitor clicks through to another page, they receive information about local alumni groups. Even better, the information is customized based on a website visitor’s geographic location. An alumnus in California gets a different message than an alumnus in New Jersey. 

Josiah, a Gallena alumnus, just landed his first job a thousand miles away from his alma mater. He’s lonely and looking for a way to meet new friends, but Gallena’s website doesn’t provide any information about local alumni clubs or activities. Modern Campus Instinct can change that with customized messaging delivered in the right place on your website (the alumni page) to the right person (a new alumnus) at the right time (when Josiah visits the alumni landing page). Keeping Josiah connected with Gallena builds loyalty and cultivates a future donor.  

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Website Personalization?

Like Cori, you, too, can use Instinct to do big things to keep your school’s alumni engaged with your college or university. Even before you know your website visitor’s name, Instinct helps you understand their interests and then uses that information to offer tailored content and messaging that the student is looking for—at the right time.  

Don’t wait. It’s time to transform your website into a next-generation digital experience with rich personalization that dramatically increases digital engagement. 

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Last updated: July 20, 2022


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