Student Engagement and Learning

Software to manage and track student engagement and skill development inside and outside the classroom to drive student retention and outcomes.


Get to Know Modern Campus Student Engagement and Learning

Leverage our market-leading web and mobile software platform to identify ways to increase student engagement, better allocate resources, enhance assessment practices, and promote opportunities

Streamline Your Most Common Processes

Simplify Processeswith Organization, Event, & Form Management

Bring your clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online.

  • Improve both management processes and student accessibility.
  • Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised.
  • Integrated in one platform, Presence saves you time and money and makes student life better.


Streamline Processes

The Complete Campus Engagement Platform Designed for the Modern Higher Education Institution



of first-year students prioritize learning more about campus clubs and organizations



of students say improving employment opportunities is an important reason why they enrolled in college



impact that activity in extracurricular activities has on students’ perception of the ROI of college

Maruqeece Holifield

Switching to virtual programming has completely saved our campus life. And Presence alleviated many of the headaches that I feared would come from it. The pandemic has presented major challenges to all of us—students and staff—but the tools that I’ve been able to learn and customize through Presence have brought us many unexpected rewards."

Marqueece Holifield | Associate Director of Student Engagement - National Louis University

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Kimberly Newton

We’re an urban campus, and we have a high number of commuter students. So we face some challenges when it comes to engaging students on campus. Presence has helped us reach them wherever they are."

Kimberly Newton | Student Activities & Leadership Development Coordinator - Concordia University St Paul

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Jennifer Beatie

Most of our students attend more than one campus, so it’s really important that no matter where they are, they have the same experience — the same processes, the same forms, all of that."

Jennifer Beatie | Dean of Student Affairs (West Campus) - Tulsa Community College

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Dan Welter

Our students are intuitively figuring everything out about Presence on their own. They're able to go in and figure out ‘This is how I find an organization. This is how I can go find an event.’ It’s helping out our students in being able to get connected, being able to find communities where they belong. It’s really made student buy-in much easier than with other platforms — how intuitive it is. And because so many students are trying it out and then using it all the time, we get access to bigger, better data and can really streamline our processes for student orgs and engagement all across the board."

Dan Welter | Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life - Washington State University

Vince Miller

Our job is to serve students, to improve their experience. And we know we're doing it because for the first time, they're actually using the tool and they're excited about it."

Vince Miller | Vice President of Student Affairs - Valdosta State University

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